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Loft Insulation

Low-E is produced from non-toxic Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam which is heat laminated between two surfaces of 99.4% pure aluminium facings. It’s manufactured using up to 40% recycled material.

Low-E foil insulation is primarily used in general construction, under roofing, attic spaces, crawl spaces, or in walls, as part of the buildings insulation system. Other uses include HVAC systems, auto/boat insulation, and packaging products. Commercial steel buildings and post frame buildings are also areas that can benefit from Low-E Insulation.

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What makes Low-E a truly space age product is that the large lightweight rolls, made from recycled material allow for easy installation. Low-E Insulation has the ability to resists all three types of heat transfer while providing a full vapour barrier, with sound deadening properties that also has a Class A/ Class 1 Fire Rating. Most important of all, it’s a cost effective alternative in comparison to traditional types of insulation.

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