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What is Green Deal

The Green Deal is the new government initiative that is designed to help business and home owners to employ more green technologies in their properties.

The aim of the Green Deal is to improve the energy efficiency of more than 14 million homes and millions of commercial properties by 2020. The Green Deal enables property owners to install energy efficiency improvements at no upfront cost, with the costs incurred being recouped through the property owner's energy bill over a number of years. The Green Deal is not an advance payment or personal loan and therefore no obligation moves with the property owner should they move.

The "golden rule" of the Green Deal will ensure that the predicted savings from making the energy improvements must equal or exceed the cost of the installation. A Green Deal Assessment will be carried out on a homeowner’s property by a Green Deal Advisor, with options of a range of relevant measures presented. Once all the details are confirmed, the installation will then take place and the customer will pay for the measure through their energy bills. Finance for a Green Deal is provided by a Green Deal Provider.

What measures are covered under the Green Deal?

The four main types of measures covered under Green Deal are;

  • Building Fabric Measures (BFM) - Insulations, Glazing, Doors etc.
  • Building Services Mechanical (BSM) - Boilers, Heating Systems etc.
  • Building Services Electrical (BSE) - Lighting, Lighting Controls etc.
  • Micro-generation - Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps etc.

NCS Property Maintenance are Green Deal Registered Installers for:

  • B1- Cavity Wall Insulation;
  • B4- External Wall Insulation;
  • B9- Loft Insulation;
  • C2 and C3-Gas and Oil Fired Boilers;
  • C4 –Flue Gas Recovery Devices;
  • C5- Pipe Insulation;
  • C6- Heating Controls.

MCS Installers for: MIS 3004- Biomass Boilers

NCS Property Maintenance have a Green Deal Registered Assessor for Domestic. My Reg Number is STRO019024

To find out more about the measures that are available check out our green deal measures page

Now that NCS Property Maintenance is Green Deal certified, we can asses your home and if you qualify we can carry out the installation.

If you'd like to find out more about the Green Deal scheme then you can download the fact-sheet by clicking here

  • From April 2016, domestic landlords should not be able to unreasonably refuse requests from their tenants for consent to energy efficiency improvements, where financial support is available;

  • From April 2018, all private rented properties (domestic and non-domestic) should be brought up to a minimum energy efficiency standard rating, likely to be set at EPC rating “E”.