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Air to Air Heat Pump

We are approved installers of Worcester Bosch Greensource Air to Air Heat Pumps. The Greensource Air to Air Heat Pump can provide heating and cooling for the home. It also features advanced air purification technology which is particularly beneficial to allergy sufferers.

The heat pump comprises an outdoor and an indoor unit which convert latent energy in the air (even on the coldest days) into heat for your home. The outdoor unit extracts the energy in air outside the property. This heat, absorbed by refrigerant solution within the unit, is turned into hot air by the indoor unit and distributed within the property.

Air source heat pumps are suitable for a wide range of installations including apartments, smaller homes and conservatories. It’s operated using a remote control.

Features and benefits:

- Up to 500% efficient: for a single kilowatt of energy used, up to 5 kilowatts of energy could be generated for your home

- Plasmacluster Ion Technology, ideal for allergy sufferers

- Modulating technology and auto de-icing to provide higher efficiency, lower running costs and a longer life-span

- Improved high efficiency blades that delivers an increased airflow and allows more latent heat to be absorbed

- Compact design requiring only an outside wall

- Quiet operation

- Easy to install, maintain and operate

- Works down to outdoor temperature of -20 degrees C

- Remote control displays indoor temperature

- High efficiency in all temperature ranges

- Can be used to provide cool air in the summer

- Auto-defrost function

- 2 year guarantee (subject to terms and conditions)

- Anti bacteria filter supplied as standard (replacements available as spares)